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Sarah Rhodes

Sarah is a Ph.D. candidate and laboratory manager for the Stewart Lab. Her interests include infectious disease microbiology, waste management justice, environmental justice, sustainable agriculture, and community climate resilience. Sarah is conducting her research in partnership with the Rural Empowerment Association for Community Help (REACH), a community-based organization located in Duplin County, North Carolina (NC), the epicenter of hog and poultry production in the world. Sarah’s work with REACH aims to characterize the disparate impact of industrial animal production processes on the health of underrepresented rural communities and the environment in NC. More specifically, her doctoral research evaluates the impact of antibiotic use in food animal production on the evolution and dissemination of antibiotic resistant bacteria among vulnerable populations, such as industrial hog operation workers and community members living near hog operations, in addition to key environmental reservoirs. Sarah hopes to complete her doctoral degree in May 2018.